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with interactive layers. 

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layerJS is a next generation web editor. It let's you create amazing interactive and responsive websites purely graphically. Place elements freely on layers that can be dynamically shown and animated in any way you like. 
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PROFessional editing
layerJS introduces frames and transitions: 
Define graphically where and when which content should appear. Define animated transitions. Add touch gestures to navigate through your site.
Create websites with our online editor which feels like Sketch or Illustrator. Don't compromise, freely position any element on any layer. Use the freedom of an infinite canvas. Create your navigation and add code - if you like (:
layerJS offers integrated hosting on Amazon Web Services to speed up your web projects. If you like to host yourself or would like to integrate your site into a bigger web project, export into plain HTML, Javascript and CSS.
Don't compromise on your design
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